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Originally Posted by nicole black View Post

"Yes?" The young man began, before remembering himself. Quentin suddenly sat up, his back straighter than a rod. "Miss McKinley, yes?" He amended, rising up from his seat and offering the auburn-haired beauty his right hand to shake. Taken aback Quentin might have been, but his recoveries were always rather good- breeding and all. "Quentin Alvery, That's all me." Smoothly spoken in an accent that was english, with something avuncular about it, something untraceable unless you knew of someone who had attended Durmstrang.

Clean, certainly. There was a tidiness about Natalie's person which Quentin immediately favored, and something soft in her large eyes- something which screamed out to be trusted. Yes, that was all very good, perfect even for someone who would be working closely with plants and people. "I haven't ordered anything, figured I'd wait until you popped in." For more reasons than just being polite.
Natalie paused nervously when the man replied with a simple "yes". She had expected a different reply - not a QUESTION, certainly. But her smile returned quickly when he straightened up and said her name. Okay, phew. All was well. Grinning a little, Nat nodded, glancing at the hand he offered. Though, his formality made her wish she had called him by his last name too... Crud. Did she already screw up? "Yes, that's me. Mr... Alvery." Was it too late to call him that? Regardless, Natalie grabbed onto his hand and gave it a gentle shake.

As for the accent, she was panicking inside too much to notice anything other than English. Her own accent was also questionable. Raised by an Irish mother and an American father, surrounded by the English. It was quite the mix.

Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear, Natalie was about to sit down when he mentioned that he had been waiting to order until she got in. "Oh," she said, hesitating by her chair. Did she sound dumb? "That's very kind of you." ........ Awkward pause. He was handsome, wasn't he? "Shall we go do that then? At the counter?" You know, where people ordered? Right? Merlin, it was hot in there, wasn't it?

Nerves. She was nervous.

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