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Q. had entertained a long, but productive day. He'd picked out a color wave for the shop, ordered several new, and rare species of succulent to cultivate and sell, hired on an accountant and spoken to a copyright lawyer, and lastly- but least(ly)- replied to all his mail.

So yes, he believed he deserved this glass of Bordeaux. Quentin had never seen the appeal of wine until this last year when it's calming presence and complex flavor had been introduced to him at a dinner party held by some very affluent friends- and now? it was his only drink of choice, Many of his friends considered this snobbery, especially from someone under the age of 25 but Q brushed it all off. He liked what he liked. Humming to himself as he swirled his glass of red, Quentin found himself gravitating toward the piano. He had learned to play in his youth, would his fingers still know the way?

with a wry grin, the young man- still standing- tickled an ivory.
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