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Tristan grinned and winked at his fiance. Could they tell he was so much happier here than at Hogwarts? Probably. But how could he not be? He was with the person he loved most in this world and working at one of his favorite places. He was completely happy.

But as Sebastian began to speak, his worry crease began to show up between his brows. What could this possibly be about? Had something happened at Hogwarts that they needed him to fix it? There were far more capable witches and wizards at the school now, he was sure.

"Yes, please come in. Don't want you to freeze." Tristan said with a grin. He hoped they hadn't been outside in the snow for too long. It was absolutely freezing outside. "Chai would be perfect, darling, thank you." He said with a wink and a small smile. "Shall I walk you to the 'study' that is more like a library?" He said with a chuckle. "Follow me." He said giving them a wink before turning and walking down the hall, a thousand thoughts racing through his mind.

Sebastian's nervousness seemed to ebb a little as the professor's seemed receptive to them and even invited them in to their home. He hadn't failed to noticed how much more happy and light hearted they seemed to be now. At Hogwarts there were so...serious and maybe even a touch on the sad side.

Chai? That's right...another thing they had in common. "Um...Chai for me as well, please." He said with a nervous smile as they walked inside of the manor. It was an amazing place. It was classic yet modern and masculine. He liked it.

He nodded when Professor SIGH. He was really going to have to figure that out! Anyway. He nodded and followed the man down the hallway, pulling Kam along with him. "You and Professor Kennedy have a very lovely home." He said with a gentleness that was not at all normal for him.

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