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There were a lot of girls here. Elias knew the boys were here too but were the place crawling with girls? Maybe it was someone's birthday party or something if so he was hoping for some cake. He could sweet talk his mom and sisters into letting him have treats all the time so a girl his age or younger, piece of cake... literally.

He kept shooting the ball to the hoop but was getting bored of it and no one seemed to want to come over to him. So if they weren't going to go to him he was going to get their attention in some other way. Setting the basketball down he moved to the center of the area and cupped his hands.

"DOES ANYONE WANT TO COME OVER AND PLAY JUMP BASKETBALL WITH ME?" The place was loud so he wasn't sure everyone heard, but maybe a few. "ALSO DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY CAKE? I SING FOR YOU!" He knew the happy birthday song well.

Gemma kept jumping really high as she watched Hope and frowned seeing her friend cover her ears. The place was really loud, she wondered if one of their moms could do a silencing charm to help her with the noise. Maybe she would ask her mom, but right now it seemed like Hope was coming over.

Slowing down her bounce she waved and giggled, "Isn't this place fun? I love when we come here." Maybe they could hold hands and bounced if the noise got better, Gemma would try to protect her friend as much as she could.

'Want me to try to get one of our moms to help with the noise?" Right as she said it she heard someone screaming about what? Cake? Did he have to yell?

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