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SPOILER!!: Gracelyn

Name: Gracelyn Abbott-Daniau
FC: Zhenya Kotova
Age: 10
Birthday: 17 Mar 2088
Parents: James and Eli Abbott-Daniau
Post Color: purple fish

Gracelyn knew that her papas were trying to keep her occupied. Schoolwork only went so far, and she knew that she was only sometimes allowed to visit them at work. Papa James was there now, since she’d heard him and Papa Eli talking about trying to acquire a new artist for the label just that morning. The information had been filed away like it always was in the ten-year-old’s head, especially once Papa Eli had told her they were going to the trampoline park not long after she’d heard them talking.

Excited about the change in scenery (not that she disliked being stuck at home, especially when there was the possibility of cousins coming over to play with her), she’d listened intently as Papa Eli explained that he was going to leave her there to check on things at work but that if he wasn’t back by the time she was ready to go home, she should call him on the Muggle cell phone they’d given her for Christmas.

But then it was time to bounce! Sitting down, she changed out of her boots into the special socks and then jumped back to her feet to look around. There were so many possibilities.
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