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Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
Despite the cold, she had decided that NOW was the perfect time to take a closer look at the ma´ze maze outside. Which had sounded like a wonderful idea about one and a half hours ago. Now, though, Anahera Webb was 100% lost inside the maze, and was pretty sure she was going to have to spend the night in here. And she had NOT brought a blanket.

In retrospect, maybe she should have asked one her friends to at least come along.

She couldn't even tell if anyone else was currently inside the maze but so far she hadn't run into anyone. And she was pretty sure she'd already circled the ENTIRE maze at least three hundred times. And yet she had so far been utterly unable to find neither the way she'd come in, nor the exit that was SUPPOSED to be around here somewhere.

"Hello?" Maybe someone would be able to hear her.
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
There was absolutely nothing appealing about a maze. Well, there wasn't. Not until today. Because today she wanted to get lost, to get away from the castle. There were plenty of people she needed to avoid and surely those people would be avoiding the maze. And therefore, Nina would not be avoiding the maze.

Though the good idea was only good for the first five minutes. Because after then, Nina was absolutely positive that she had seen that particular stalk before. Ultimately, Nina Castillo had decided that she hated being lost, that this was a foolish idea, and that she wanted to go back to her room!!!! So with a very well defined frown on her face, Nina continued to circle around this death trap.

When she heard a voice. She couldn't SEE who it belonged to, as there was a wall of maize blocking the way... But. "... Hello?" she tried in reply. Maybe the other person knew the way out!

Hopefully it was a cute boy.

Once again Cel was out on her usual run, although there wasn't much usual about it other than that she usually went running at some point during the day. Where she went or how long she went out depended on what distracted her first. Sometimes it was a tree to climb or an older kid to laugh at for being booooooooring. Today it was a maze. Maybe she could have a laff at the poor unfortunate soul stuck in the maze or perhaps she'd end up getting lost and oh no, run out of time to do her homework. A clear win.

So off she went, casually jogging into the maze. A left there and a few rights and another left and......... mazes really weren't all that great were they? Just all the same, like. But she was here now, so she'd best stick around to see what she could find. It wasn't long until she did find something. Or hear something, at least. Someone was looooost.

Perfect. CÚline came to a halt, trying to figure out if she knew whoever it was that sounded lost and how best to spook them.

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