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Originally Posted by Thereos View Post
Slowly, steadily, the centaur began transcending reality and enter the Other when something so rudely pulled him from his meditative state. Frowning and his brow deeply knotted, he made little attempt to quell his irritation at the human student who had interrupted him.

"To what purpose do you act as a stone to my stream youngling?" he chastised gently while his lids slowly opened to reveal harsh brown eyes boring into her own. The gentle glow that had begun on the symbol drawn into the ground then flickered and faded into the soil like a dying firefly.
Oh no.

The displeased look made her red in the face. Because this was probably the most stupid thing she had done this year so far. "I - uh, I am sorry" she quickly said before adding pathetically: "....Curiosity got the best of me"

Shuffling her feet awkwardly, she tried to meet his gaze, "I can go.... or if you need help .. or anything, just let me know"

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