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Scene One: It's a few days after Christmas, and the Manor grounds are covered in snow. Tristan and Kalen are about to receive some unexpected guests. Unexpected in more ways than one...

Tristan was comfortably lounging across the couch, pretending to read the Daily Prophet in Kalen's library. Yes, it was Kalen's because none of the books in this room were his, and he wouldn't have decorated it they way his fiance had. But that was just him. Not his books. Not his style. Besides...he had his own study in a different part of the house that was completely him. The reason he was here was well...he just liked watching Kalen work.

Kalen was ridiculously intelligent and watching him prepare for his next semester of classes was always interesting. Plus, staring at his handsome fiance, with the goofiest grin possible, without him even realizing it was always fun. He was so ridiculously happy living here with not only his best friend, but the love of his life. Nothing could make him happier.

Little did he know someone was lurking outside of the manor that could change his life forever.

------------------ Outside of the front door ------------------

Oh, Merlin this was gonna be weird! Sebastian was internally freaking out, and externally....well he was definitely paler than normal. Hopefully Kam wouldn't notice too much.

As he trudged up the steps, he had the sudden urge to bolt back to the road and get as far away from here as he could. "Kam....," he said before taking a deep breath. He wasn't even sure he could speak let alone breath...or ring the freaking door bell!

He was only 14, for Dumbledor's sake, how was he supposed to deal with something like this!? He started shaking...and not because it was cold outside. He was pretty sure he was on the verge of an anxiety attack. Oh, why had he wanted to do this? He looked over at his best friend with frantic eyes, "I dunno if I can do this," he said with a whisper.

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