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Name: Apollo Grimm Adara-Stark
Age: 6
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Parents: Chloe Adara & Archer Grimm Stark
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It was hearing of the buy one get one admission that made Chloe wish she had a second child but no worries because she wasn't about to deprive her son just because she couldn't get a second admission free. Holding her son's hand, she walked along to the trampoline park... trying her best to keep his energy at bay until he got inside. "Almost there, Apollo," did six year old boys always have this much energy??

Apollo was pulling because he wanted to play already!!!! He wanted to jump around and not have to think about reading or practicing his writing or schoolwork. He'd been mostly good in obeying his study time but now it was play time and maybe he could even get some pizza and hot dogs too. "How long do we get??? Can we stay ALLLLL day???!!!" he was loud and excitable, moreso as they approached the entrance, his shoes already off even on the concrete outside.
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