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Had Viktor not suddenly wagged his finger and gave a blood curdling cackle, Malachi's attention may never have settled on the man who now told Rasting he had already used 3 questions. Sneaking in a fourth or just a man off in his own head, the Headmaster didn't know but the time for questions was past and he watched as student after student brought their posters or reports to him.

He'd only vaguely caught Croz's response to McCarthy, something something never bred things himself something something knew a good dealer something something. It wasn't so much that he couldn't understand the man but that he'd spent the better part of the morning listening to him and now had a headache. The only logical course was tuning him out where he could.

"No homework, today." They'd get those next class. "Enjoy the rest of your afternoon. Stay out of trouble. I heard the elves have a special meal planned for dinner." Suffice to say he was looking forward to it.

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