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Originally Posted by GrapehSarah View Post
Fallon gave Victoria a warm smile. It would be nice to have someone to chat with even for an hour or so. She still wasn't used to all the alone time she had with the divorce and the kids being out of the house. "I'm a photojournalist for Witch Weekly." She put her hand on her portfolio. It was pretty much her whole life at the moment. "Working on a spread for a new age correcting potion coming out." She was never one for those types of things but to each their own.
Someone who was a photojournalist. What? She could only imagine how fun that could be. She had always imagined being a photographer would be really fun and she could eventually work runways and fashion shows. It would have been fun to be the person who made fashions famous or made the models superstars. "That's really cool." She smiled at her, "Oh wow, good things about it so far?" not that it really mattered to her thus far but she figured if she could get a little knowledge why not get a little knowledge.

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