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SPOILER!!: Nettie & the portrait
Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
Nettie nodded in agreement at Eiji's assessment, goosebumps erupting on her neck as he muttered in her ear. "Agreed. He doesn't seem to be hesitant to come clean on the details either, which should make this a bit easier," she added with a small smile. She noted those glances that Eiji kept throwing at Missa, feeling her heart sink a bit. She hated that he was upset about Missa, but...Nettie was still upset about the poster. So she didn't feel THAT bad at the moment.

She turned back to the portrait as Eiji asked his question, listening to his response. Well that was...disturbing, to say the least. She blinked at him with wide eyes. So he tortured them, basically? Now she had very little doubt that this wizard was not only crazy, but a Dark Wizard as well. Torturing and killing people? It would be the argument of the century to convince her otherwise...

She turned back to the portrait, knowing that their last question had to be a GOOD one. "You said you murdered them because they WANTED it. Why do you think your victims wanted that?" she asked. She was breaking her own rule about not asking generalized questions, but he seemed ready to spill every detail here. A roundabout way to get a motive, but it would hopefully get them a motive all the same...
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Now wasn't that the question of the century. It had been asked several times before and while, depending on how his head was feeling, it did confuse him, most of the times he could give a proper answer based on what he knew.

"They asked! We had conversations! We spoke." He said with a proud grin. "My friends reassured me, they told me all their secrets, their inner desires. My friends know everything, they tell me everything." They always spoke to him, even when he tried to sleep. The potions made them stop, but sometimes he got lonely.

Three questions. Three. That was all they were allowed and Eiji found himself wishing he hadn't teamed up with Trinetta for this because as far as he was concerned she had completely wasted their third and final question. Did their specimen seem capable of providing them with any sort of constructive response as to why he had done what he did? The bloke was clearly not in his right mind for whatever reason, perhaps even a victim of torture himself, and asking why he thought the victims wanted to be killed was clearly not going to provide them with anything useful. What a waste and Eiji huffed a breath in frustration when that was proven to be the case.

Honestly. He shot her a disapproving look.

Though...with the portrait being as off as he was, maybe Eiji could weasel himself another answer. Because there were things he was curious about that were far more pressing than a why he thought the victims wanted to be killed.

So, casually, he pressed on with the interrogation. Could this guy even count? He somehow doubted it and there were so many voices in the crowd that it was unlikely for the headmaster to be able to know for certain who was paired with who and who all had asked what and how many.

"You say we," he noted, rolling his eyes towards Trinetta and then focusing back on the portrait. 'We' in place of 'I', to be specific. "We and speak very fondly of these friends of yours...where are they now? Be as specific as possible."

It was worth a try at least.

Only that try was in vain as the headmaster dismissed the class and Eiji begrudgingly returned to his desk to pack up.

As far as Eiji was concerned, they had nothing conclusive that pinned this individual as someone who had practiced nor studied the Dark Arts to any length. Knowing of the Killing Curse and that it was quick was common sens. Guilty of a heinous crime? Sure. The guy was convinced of that much at least. A Dark wizard though? Inconclusive, and he wrote as much on his parchment for the time being.

Viktor Mikailov
The only conclusive evidence of this individual is that he is not right of mind. How this came to be I do not know but it only adds to the fact that he is an unreliable narrator type - the first strike against him being that he is a portrait and only can tell and convey what he has been told by painters and other real world witches and wizards about himself. Charged with murder, it can also be concluded that he believes that he committed these crimes but I, again, stress that as someone who is not right in their mind it is inconclusive to know anything more than this. Questioning did not result in any specific mentions of Dark Arts application by the subject and there for it is inconclusive as to whether or not the subject themselves is a Dark wizard.

In conclusion:
Subject is guilty of their crime they have been charged with
Subject is not a Dark wizard
Frustrated in more ways than one, Eiji quickly packed up his things and turned in his in-class assignment to the headmaster with a polite nod of the head before exiting the classroom...and hopefully wait in the corridor for Missa.

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