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Text Cut: Nina and Miss Drummond
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
"I knew you could handle it," she replied back, with a grin. He was in a good mood. So was she. Though her high spirits probably had to do with Drewett's influence at the moment. Nina didn't typically like pairing up with others in class if she could help it. Most of her classmates were entirely incompetent and she didn't want them to see that she knew what she was doing. But she was glad to be working with Drewett today. That and having a theory based lesson in Defense was a nice change. Nina didn't mind the wand work either, but she very much appreciated how Headmaster Trent sprinkled some history into their lesson today. Again, the Slytherin turned her attention to her partner, wearing a look of amusement on her face. "You make a good point." Though it wasn't strangling the Professor that she was worried about, it was about how he'd look at her if she strangled anyone. She liked being in his good books. He was so pretty.

Despite the fact that Nina did not care for the drama that was so evidently happening within the room, she did notice the change in Drewett's demeanor. And his ducked head. "I knew you were joking, Drewett," she whispered in attempt to be reassuring. "I don't think they're actually upset." And if they were it had nothing to do with the older Ravenclaw. It most likely had to do with what went down between the fourth year trio. But that was far too much to touch upon at the moment and they had a lesson to continue.

Drewett seemed ready to move on too, as he began suggesting an approach for the interrogation. Nina nodded along in agreement. Crime and motive was a good starting point. Though his second comment received a POINTED look! "Hey!" And a light shove. He was feeling very cheeky today. She kind of liked it. SHhhhh. She stood up from her desk and waited until Drewett did the same before walking over to the portrait with him.

Taking a moment to clear her thoughts, the Slytherin cleared her throat before speaking. "Hello, I'm Nina and he is Drewett," in all honest, she was kind of hoping that Drewett's charm would woo Lena so that she'd be less stingy with her answers. They only had three questions, every little bit helped. Besides, no one could resist those eyes right? It's why everyone at Hogwarts was practically head over heels in love with the boy. Hopefully that would work to their advantage today. That and Nina knew herself to be not-so-great with other women. "We'd like to know about your conviction. What exactly were you charged for and why did you do it?" Technically speaking, it was one question.
Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
A deep scowl set in as the next two approached.

Introductions? "I don't care." The only things flatter than her voice were her eyes as they took in the Ravenclaw-Slytherin pair. She was Lena Drummond, what use did she have for the names of two school aged children? She supposed she'd just answer to get rid of them. "Human experimentation. They called them unethical, I called them progress toward a better future. I did it for science. In the name of discovery and finding answers."

The sentiment went both ways. Drewett did, in fact, enjoy working with Nina Castillo. Anyone who thought otherwise—yes, that includes you, Trolloise, even if they were somehow friends—was wrong to think that Nina wasn't great company. He wasn't even going to delve into all the 'but she is boring' comments he'd heard from gossiping students in the corridor. There was no room for negativity towards the people he considered friends in Drewett's mindset. But also? Yes, it was best not to strangle the professor. Drewett actually liked Headmaster Trent. The Ravenclaw had learned a lot from his two years of teaching so far, and he was looking forward to more interesting lessons under him.

See? Nina Castillo was a good friend. "Thank you," he whispered back. Drewett still had a bit of pink on his face because of his comment. He didn't mean it at all. He'd only been carried off—that could actually be a nice addition to his crime report, if you thought of it—by the lesson and the obvious tension between the three fourth years. It was also obvious that he was no fan of drama, too.

Hey, hey. Nina, Nina, Nina. Drewett was also joking with the second half of his comment, but also half not. He knew he was right. He couldn't resist the laugh that came with her reaction, and he also rubbed on the area she had shoved. "Ow!" Okay, so he was being a tad bit cheeky today but it was in effort to make himself feel a little better after the looks he'd gotten from Eiji and Missa earlier. That, and so Nina could loosen up too. A little poking fun wasn't so bad, he'd realized. But for now, he let it go so they could focus on the task at hand. It didn't wipe away the little smile playing on his lips, though, when Nina began asking.


This was like watching Nina interrogating herself. Her reflection on a mirror. Ms. Drummond's 'I don't care' was the cherry on top of it, and Drewett found himself biting his lower lip so he didn't laugh. He was so amused, and it showed. If Nina looked at him and saw his expression, Drewett would probably be a victim of yet another shove on the shoulder. And he noticed how the lady in the portrait did not flinch. Did not look impressed. She was firm with what she believed in and where she stood.

So far, Ms. Drummond didn't strike Drewett as a dark witch. All dark activities were considered unethical, but not all unethical activities were dark. The moral code, too, was a social construct. Everyone had a subjective and biased point of view towards that is "right" and "wrong". Gray areas, like they'd mentioned in class. And did she mention that the jury was divided? Again, more gray areas. The Ravenclaw made a mental note on that, along with the responses he'd heard from Missa's, a younger Ravenclaw's (Analiese), and the Hufflepuff's (Eniola) questions. But now it was his turn to ask. "I-I understand what you mean, ma'am. We all need to p-progress for a better future, like you said." Not that Drewett would experiment on humans. That would break his own moral code. He'd used 'own' because there were far too many subjectivities surrounding ethics and dark activities. It was clear that he and Ms. Drummond had different definitions of what is good and not. "How d-did you experiment on them, ma'am, like did you use dark magic?" Also, it was technically just one question, and a direct one as well. Maybe trying to get her to tell her story would provide answers to questions they hadn't even asked.
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