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Originally Posted by DaniDiNardo View Post
Motivation? Ah yes, he was expecting a question like that. Though he thought by now it would have been obvious.

"Galleons, lass! Col' har' galleons t' warm mi bed a' nigh'." The only things that mattered. "Why else woul' I b' riskin' life an' limb smugglin' drago's, minotaurs and acromantula eggs? Kicks? "

This once got a hearty laugh out of him too for her naivety.
Avalon eyed Mr. Croz as he answered her question, trying to spot any signs of nervousness that might indicate he was lying. She didn't notice anything, though. He seemed confident in his answers, and he was being pretty casual about the whole conversation. To make matters worse, she only had one question left, and she was no closer to determining if he was guilty or not than she was at the beginning of the lesson. All she knew was that he smuggled some creatures because he wanted some money. And that didn't necessarily make him a dark wizard. But it didn't make him completely innocent, either.

She laughed along with Mr. Croz even though she felt a little bit crazy doing so. "Okay, I have one more question. What sorts of feelings and thoughts were going through your head when you did this?" Not that he would necessarily be honest in his answer, but Avalon was genuinely curious. And she was desperate for any clues at this point.
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