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Name: Hope Hamilton
Model: Jodelle Ferland
Date of birth: 1 May 2090 (age 8)
Place of birth: London, England
Eye color: gray
Hair color: black
Current height: 4'

Hope has been completely nonverbal since birth, but is fluent in sign language when she feels like using it. She is attending with her mother - Nessarose Glendower.

Nessa knew that sometimes crowded places like this could be overstimulating and overwhelming for Hope, but she also wanted to expose her to as many typically fun childhood things as she could. She knew she was unlikely to go to Hogwarts and currently homeschooled her, so she thought she should have as many opportunities to interact with other children her age as she could. But they would take their tame and if Hope needed to leave, they could do that as well.

Once she checked them in and got them situated, Nessa sat at the edge of one of the smaller trampolines and encouraged Hope to have some fun.

Holding onto her mother's hand, Hope looked around intently as they walked into the trampoline park. She might not say anything but she was extremely observant, and she was not sure she wanted to be here at all. It was loud and there were so many people.

Once they were at the actual trampoline and she had her special socks on, Hope eyed the floor suspiciously before tentatively stepping onto it. Oh. Bouncy. So consumed by the strange surface, she didn't notice her friend Gemma not far from her.
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