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Originally Posted by nicole black View Post
Quentin Alvey was very fond of Florean's. It was a staple in the summers of his childhood, sometimes as a reward for receiving greater heights un school, and sometimes just because. Now that the 22-year-old thought about it, he couldn't recall the last time he'd come here. Was it the summer before he'd left for Mumbai? The spring of '97 after his first ever A? Or perhaps it was the day his father had asked him along, hoping for a rekindling that have never quite happened.

The Son of Durmstrang allowed these memories to wash over him while he sat- his table the one closest to the window so he could enjoy the Alley without feeling that (for lack of a better word) brisk english air. He'd not dressed for the cold, you see- warming charms, he had insisted to himself, existed for a reason - but to impress and it certainly showed.

The impression he wanted to make on -He looked down at the parchment where he'd scribbled her name- Natalie McKinley was one of a consummate professional despite his age, his inexperience and the location he'd chosen for their first meeting. Which he most certainly didn't regret. Q idly cracked his knuckles, ignoring the very strong urge to check his watch- for while he had only been there a few minutes, the young man felt like it had been so much longer. He was impatient, you see. Ready, as it were to meet this person and decide whether or not they'd suit him and his jolly little shop.
Florean's was also a place of great memories for Natalie. She had met in this ice cream shop many times with dear friends. It was part of the reason Natalie had to keep reminding herself that was not a casual, friendly meeting, but an important, professional one. Her mum had been hounding her for months to get herself a job. It turned out that there WAS a limit on how much she could spend until her mum would cut her off. Yikes.

Regardless, Natalie did want a job. She wanted experience in her field - hands on work with the plants that she would be working with for the rest of her schooling, career, and... life. So when this opportunity presented itself, she jumped on it. It was much better than busing booths at a pub.

Natalie was a few minutes early. She hated being late. Nervously toying with a button on her blouse, Natalie approached the ice cream shop and saw a young man by himself. He was... remarkably young. Only a few years older than herself, she supposed. Was this the right bloke? After glancing around quickly and seeing no one else alone that could be the man she was looking for, Natalie approached him and timidly cleared her throat. "Quentin..?" she asked, offering a small smile in case it was him indeed. First impressions were important after all.

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