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SPOILER!!: Gemma Kitridge

Name: Gemma Kitridge
Age: 8
Birthday: April 16, 2090
Parents: Cassie and Leo Kitridge
Siblings: Jackson
Post Color: pink

SPOILER!!: Elias Primeaux

Name: Elias Primeaux
Age: 9
Birthday: January 2, 2090
Parents: Sundae and Julian Primeaux
Siblings: Ross, Keely, Juni, Elijah
Post Color: Navy

They were going to a park and Gemma couldn't wait. She had heard from kids at school about these type of parks but had never been to any. "Mumma, are we there yet?" Why was it taking so long, even with apparating she felt it was forever. The counter guy seemed to be taking just as long. Come on, come on, she wanted the socks.

Once the socks were on it was time to get moving so she quickly sat down and ripped off the boots she had on and removed the sparkly socks she had picked out for the day. Stuffing them in the boots, she replaced them with the black socks the Trampoline Park had given her.

"Can I go now?"

Getting the okay Gemma took off through the trampolines to see what all was there. So much, sooooo much! How would she pick? Though the flipping another kid was doing made her go straight for that. Soon she was bouncing up and down and getting higher and higher.

Elias had been here before, his mum had brought him and his twin, but he always loved to come so today was no different. Since they had been there before he already had the special socks and had made sure to place them on before putting on his shoes. Once they were paid he took off his shoes and placed them in the locker and headed straight for the trampoline basketball.

Looking around he hoped he could get some others to come over to shoot with him or even get a game going. Maybe if not a fun jumping basketball game at least a game of cowl could be fun.

For now, though he jumped and tried to dunk the ball.
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