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Originally Posted by Jean Granger View Post

After scanning the menu, Autumn ordered a cappuccino at the counter. Her first impression of the café was pretty good, it was warm - not just in terms of temperature, but the colours and general vibe it gave off were very welcoming as well. If the coffee was also good, she would definitely consider revisiting, perhaps just to rewind after work. Speaking of work, her dark brown eyes landed on a familiar face from the Ministry: Jacob! Taking her hot cup of cappuccino, she approached the window table where her coworker sat. "Fancy seeing you here, Jacob," she said with a smile, showing that she did not mean it in an unpleasant way, "Do you mind if I join you?"
Jacob had no rush to do his dreaded clothes shopping so he relaxed in his chair in the café and just people watched. It was a wondrous thing what you could see just by looking out a window at those that walked by in the street. People did eye raising things when they thought nobody was looking like that old auntie that had pick pocketed a number of items from the shop’s she had passed. Jacob was glad he was not the MLE.

Turning to his sandwich and cappuccino Jacob had just downed a big bite of the spicy ham when he was joined by Autumn. Happily surprised he beamed up at her. "Hi Autumn!" Gesturing to the seat across from he continued. "Not at all, please sit down. So are you having a good break from work? Did you get any nice christmas presents?” He drank some coffee because the sandwich was hot and burning in his mouth.
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