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"Just found out where I'm spending the winter break," was Archer's reply to the professor asking if she was okay.

Soon the lesson was started, forcing Archer to put aside thoughts of rain in place of snow and all the other unfortunate things going to her father's meant (I mean she loved the man and it was really more the location she objected to, but still). Did they really have to sit in a cold room to talk about water? Like Vita had said, it came in all states so....unless this was just a lead in question and they would indeed be dealing with the solid state of it. "It helps regulate both our body temperature and our blood pressure." Which made it the original 'regulator' (sorry, Warren G.). "Ooo, and it controls the Earth's climates and weather patterns through the ocean currents and temperatures. For example, when high humidity, wind, and warm temperatures on the ocean's surface combine, they create a hurricane." Er, those were the slim basics of it, anyway. She was sure there was more to it than that, but then it would be verging into science so...
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