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Thank goodness they weren't doing more number analyses today. Avalon was already halfway checked out for winter break, and she wasn't sure that her brain could handle it. She glanced over at the waterfall as Professor Sissay asked the class to name some properties of water. It seemed like a relatively basic way to start the lesson. Avalon waited for a few other students to answer first before raising her hand -- she didn't want to seem too eager.

"It's important for a lot of different subjects here at Hogwarts, like potion-making and Care of Magical Creatures. Without it, we wouldn't be able to create all the cures and draughts we have. We also wouldn't have the Black Lake, so we wouldn't be able to learn about the Giant Squid, grindylows, and merpeople." She remembered from potions class that one of the most crucial ingredients when it came to brewing was standard potioning water. Not to mention that it was the base for a lot of other liquids used in potion-making. And Care of Magical Creatures would be a drastically different class without water.
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