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Indigo was there. He was actually looking forward to this whole thing actually. The thing was that he liked to jog. He frequently got up early to jog before class. It helped him to clear his head. And he needed to be clear that he liked to jog on his own terms. When he chose to do it. Not when he was being forced to. This didn't feel like he was being forced to. This was more like a gathering of other people who also liked the jogging. And he definitely did not have to come. He had chosen to be there, so it was fine.

Some who knew him may be wondering why exactly he had chosen to come. Indigo liked to do things on his own. Specifically, being around other people made him feel anxious. Why would he chose to participate in this activity that generally helped relieve his anxiety in a setting that forced him into contact with other people? First of all because he wasn't expecting there to be too many people. Small groups he could manage. Also because this group was being led by Professor Pierson Fuller-Thompson, who Indigo quite liked. Why? He wasn't exactly sure. The man just gave off this vibe that made Indigo feel quite comfortable around him. He liked his class, and interacting with him made him feel more at ease than anxious. Some people were just like that even if he couldn't explain why.

When he arrived he was extra pleased because Vita was there. He gave her a warm smile as he went to stand beside her. It seemed that they had already started stretching so he quickly mirrored their positions to do his own stretching.

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