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Originally Posted by SneakySeverusSnape View Post
Since returning from Calais, Analiese had been looking forward to returning to Hogwarts. One of the first things she saw upon her return to Hogwarts was the notice for a 'Post-Holiday Fun Run'. That happened to be exactly where she was off to now. She munched on a chocolate bar she had brought with her as she walked through the frozen grass. Probably not recommended, since she was going to Health and Wellness Club meeting. But anyway, here she was, munching on a milk chocolate bar as she approached where the meeting was arranged. She wrapped the scarf she had brought tighter around her neck. It was cold, after all.

As Analiese came nearer and nearer to where they were supposed to meet, she spotted Professor Fuller-Thompson. He appeared to be accompanied by three of his dogs and also seemed to be alone. She pondered whether she was the first one there or very late. Judging by time, it was probably the former. "Good morning, Professor. Did you have a nice break?" She greeted the man politely with a warm smile.
To be quite honest, Piers was really only expecting a few kids to show up. He was sure that teenagers didn't feel the need to go workout, or that they DID feel the need to be lazy. He would have liked to think that they were just busy doing their homework, but... well, he was a teenager once and that was not what he was doing.

He smiled at the first student to arrive. "Yes, I did, thank you. Did you?"

Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
For the record, Vita didn't want to be here. Thing was, she felt obligated to show. Couldn't very well stand up her Head of House, a man who would be receiving a request for a letter of recommendation for future use any day now. She needed to keep him in her good graces, so here she was, all bundled up and ready to run. Maybe.

"You know Professor, if you want me to look after the dogs while you take other students on this jog, I'd be happy to do that." She would.
Ah, and then there was his dear Prefect, Vita, proving to be a valuable asset to the Slytherin house. He hadn't specifically instructed his prefects to come to this, but he was quite happy that she decided to. Though her suggestion did make him laugh. "I think the dogs will be just fine, but thank you." If she didn't want to come, she could have stayed behind.

Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Ok why Eloise was doing this she herself didn't know but she was here and ready for whatever this Health and Wellness thing was with Professor Good Lookin..she means Fuller-Thompson. Can't really get a fuller last name than that she supposed. Elosie took a big sigh of relief realizing she was not the first one here like that matter at all. Even if one of the two was one of her Prefects....eeeehhhh. Oh no she heard the dreaded J word. She should have stayed in the dorm.

"Hey Professor, I just had a giant breakfast so not a lot of running would be appreciated"

Has anyone told him today his dogs were good boys?

Eloise believed you need to tell every dog you see they were a good boy at least once a day
As another student arrived, he greeted her with a nod... and an amused smile. It was funny that people came to a health club, expecting to not work. Interesting, too. "We'll see about that," he said simply, implying that they WERE indeed going to run a bit, but it wasn't going to be anything too intense.

Piers gave his watch a final glance and then addressed the small group in front of him. "While we wait for any stragglers, let's do a bit of stretching to get our bodies warmed up. It's important to stretch so your muscles don't cramp up, especially in this cold weather." With that, Piers bent one of his knees back and grabbed onto his foot, expecting the students to follow along.

"While we stretch, does anyone here have a good New Years resolution or two they want to share? Or, if you'd like, feel free to make a suggestion for a future Health club activity." And while they shared (if they wanted to), Piers would move on to stretch his other leg.

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