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Text Cut: oh its Erik ok
Originally Posted by oh its Erik ok View Post
Another Day another chance for Eloise to complain about why she has taken this class until she enters the class and sees whatever Sissay has that's cool and elephant that an ice-ish elephant...maybe. Eloise might need her eyes checked. Let's try and not have her head hurt this time. Sure she was passing and all. But it took so much more effort than she wanted it to to get ok grades.

"Hey Professor Sissay. I like the purple"

Also, come on Sissay some heating and warming charms would have been appreciated in here.

You want your students to concentrate don't you???

Siiiiigh..she is just going to find a seat and think of what she will bribe the twins with over Christmas break

"Good morning Eloise, thank you." Ayana smiled easily at the redhead, a creative young woman with far too much energy for mischief. She was fond of her.

Text Cut: SilverTiger
Originally Posted by SilverTiger View Post
There were plenty of distractions caused by thoughts about the holiday break happening in Stasya’s head. Wondering how many of her aunts and uncles she’d see, if she’d be allowed to invite Koen over. If Chase was going to be at any of their holiday celebrations, including Demyan’s birthday. Adding that to everything that was usually going through the tall blonde prefect’s mind on any given day, it all led up to her nearly not having noticed the change in temperature upon entering the Arithmancy classroom. Until she’d glanced up to see the swirling clouds overhead, then her green eyes took in the professor and the other additions to the room.

“Good morning, Professor Sissay,” she said brightly, pulling her robes around her closer as she finally realized it probably would have been nice if she’d bolstered her personal heating charms on herself before she’d come to the lesson. She’d just have to hope things would get warmer before long, like an activity or something. The ice sculpture wasn’t too promising on that front, but she could hope. Until then, she made her way toward a seat to wait for the lesson to begin.

"Good morning to you," Ayana replied with a grin and a nod towards the Prefect, noting that she seemed to be cold. Well, it was certainly quite chilly in the classroom. Perhaps she'd allow the ice sculpture to melt? They wouldn't need it for the entire lesson. Hmm.

Text Cut: ArianaBlack
Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Nina Castillo could not wait until they went home for the holidays. Not because of Christmas, but because she needed to refill her prescription of contact lenses. Which, by the way, she still did not have on hand!!!! All of this to meant that she had been squinting and dealing with massive headaches for the past two weeks, as she was far too stubborn to wear her glasses throughout the castle. No one would see her with glasses on. she would rather die. She was managing to make it work, albeit with mild discomfort.

As the Slytherin made her way into the Arithmancy classroom (it was one of her favorite lessons), she quickly hurried inside and paused only for a moment to acknowledge her Professor (one of her favorites) with a moment of eye contact. Once she drew her gaze away, she quickly hurried to the middle of the room to find a seat for herself. Again, choosing a seat was of great importance. Immediately she had spotted Eloise, even without 20/20 vision the fourth year could recognize the demon from any distance. With that in mind, she selected a seat as far away from her dormmate as possible, while still avoiding a seat in the front and those in the back.

She was very particular.

Ah, one of her brightest students. "Good morning, Nina," Ayana smiled, and watched the girl closely as she sat. Her essays were always excellent, but Ayana was constantly disappointed by her lack of participation in class. Perhaps today, in the spirit of the holidays?

Text Cut: lazykitty
Originally Posted by lazykitty View Post
"Why is it so co-oh..." Ice sculpture. That answered her unfinished question. Obviously one couldn't have a room too warm with an ice sculpture in it, otherwise you'd have an ice puddle. That'd be water, for those of you not gifted with wordplay. Anyway, Archer found herself a seat and sat with a "Morning, professor." And if she didn't seem like the usual jovial, joking, annoying in some's eyes Archer, it was because she'd just found out that she'd be spending the holidays back at her father's place in America instead of him coming to Britain as usual. Apparently, he had to stay close to work this year. Pbbbbbt.

"Hello Archer, good morning," Ayana smiled warmly, despite the cold, at her next student took a seat. Hmm. She didn't look quite as happy as she usually did. "Everything alright this morning?"

Text Cut: Koylander
Originally Posted by Kolyander View Post
As the days passed and the holiday break drew nearer and nearer, Rylee grew more and more excited. She couldn't wait to go home and be with her siblings and see her nephew. From a wedding, to parties, dinner at Stefan's home and visits with friends there was nothing getting her down. Okay, there was one thing but she was doing her best not to keep reminding herself of it.

Not even the much colder atmosphere of the classroom was going to break her spirits. A little cold wasn't a big deal. Fixing her robes around her a little more she made her way to her usual desk. "Good morning, Professor! I really like your purple shawl," she greeted brightly. Purple was in fact her most favorite color if she had to choose a favorite.

Settling into her seat, the fifth year began taking out what she would need for the lesson placing it neatly on her desk.

"Good morning Rylee, thank you very much," Ayana beamed at the young woman. Knowing her students felt comfortable enough in her classroom to address her in this manner made her heart soar.

Text Cut: Kimothy
Originally Posted by Kimothy View Post
A Drewett during the cold weather was always the quiet type. Like, a quieter type. He didn't like doing much when it was cold, but he didn't want to skip another day of class again. Feeling cold wasn't a valid excuse, but he had made sure to put a heating charm on himself. One does grow proficient in those charms here at Hogwarts. It was cold here most days of the year, but some days were certainly just colder than the rest. Today was one of those days.

The classroom lacked its usual heating charms, but Drewett didn't notice due to having one on himself. "Good morning, Professor Sissay," the Ravenclaw greeted the woman with a little smile. He moved comfortably through the classroom and occupying his usual seat on the second row, not bothered by the cold like everyone else seemed to be so he was a bit confused at the sight of others pulling their robes close to themselves and the presence of the professor's purple shawl too. Hmm. He was clearly missing something here.

He did notice the elephant thing on the platter. Or something that looked like an elephant. Drewett wasn't too sure. What did that have to do with the tomatoes and cucumbers though? It vaguely reminded him of...face masks. Just the cucumbers, at least, because he didn't think tomatoes were supposed to be on anybody's eyes. He could also stop overthinking and overanalyzing now.

"Hello Drewett," Ayana smiled, and noticed him eying the contents on the table. Good, good. No one had seemed to notice the indoor clouds just yet, quite in line with the attention of teenagers. They never seemed to look up.

Text Cut: SneakySeverusSnape
Originally Posted by SneakySeverusSnape View Post
Analiese Allanach-Senchuri couldn't wait until the Christmas holidays arrived. I mean, who wouldn't be excited to go to Calais? Yes, she was going to France over the Christmas holidays. That called for a reminder of basic French. She was planning on visiting the library afterwards to remind herself of the French she knew. Using her own books, of course. The library didn't have French books. Or did it? Suddenly, Analiese remembered the American shopkeeper called Gemma Pell in Paris she met during her trip to France. Ah, the struggle Gemma had to go through just to introduce herself to Analiese's mother when they were trying to buy sweets from her shop. Je m'appelle Gemma Pell. Analiese and her mother still joked about it.

The 12-year-old wrapped her cloak tighter around herself as she walked into the classroom. She noticed it didn't have its usual heating charms. "Good morning, Professor Sissay." She greeted the woman with a warm smile. She walked to her usual desk at the front and set her book bag down beside it. The young Ravenclaw sat down and immediately noticed the ice sculpture. A rather poorly designed sculpture in her opinion. And was that... slices of cucumber and tomato?

One of her youngest and brightest! "Good morning Analiese," Ayana watched as the girl came and sat in her usual spot, right in front of her. She stepped a little to the side to offer the girl an easier view of the table and its contents. One must never deny the curiosity of the young ones!

Text Cut: Fireheart
Originally Posted by Fireheart View Post
Avalon could do this. She only had to make it through a few more days before Christmas break. She did enjoy school, especially being at Hogwarts, but she couldn't deny that she missed her family. And she was in dire need of some rest and relaxation. Between her studies and Quidditch practice, she was exhausted. Nevertheless, she knew she had to keep her stamina up until the holidays arrived - starting with Arithmancy class.

It didn't help that the room was freezing cold and extra dreary looking. Avalon was glad that she wore her scarf, but wished that she had remembered to bring her mittens. "Hello, Professor Sissay." Avalon greeted the woman politely with a wave as she slid into a seat toward the front. And was that...a waterfall at the front of the classroom? With a bowl of vegetables? Yet another bizarre lesson set up. That seemed to be the norm at Hogwarts. Avalon wasn't complaining though. At least her professors tried to make lessons as interesting as possible.

"Good morning Avalon," Ayana gently smiled at yet another of her youngest. She really did have a soft spot for the underclassmen and their brilliant imagination and creativity.

Text Cut: Kayla Taaffe
Originally Posted by Kayla Taaffe View Post
Quidditch was an important aspect of every witch's life, especially for avalon, who was an avid quidditch fan. But arithmancy was one of those subjects.

Vivienne walked and said hi to sissay and sat down between avalon and analiese. She wanted to get the most out of her lesson... especially in the present.

And another one, to complete the Ravenclaw set! "Good morning Vivienne," Ayana smiled at her, and gave the whole trio another warm glance. Studious, creative students, these Ravenclaws. Living up to the house standards, as far as she was aware.

Text Cut: MadMadamMalfoy
Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Up until this year, Tina enjoyed arithmancy, but now it was by far her least favorite subject. It was nothing against Professor Sissay. She just... hated being wrong. It made her look and feel stupid in front of everyone, and it seemed to happen more often in this class than the others combined. The only reason she was here ar all was because she wasn't allowed to drop the class in the middle of the term. Whatever. It was what it was.

Tina tried to concentrate on happier things as she made her way to the classroom. She could do this. Only a few more days, and she'd be back home in France for the holidays. She smiled, imagining the fun that awaited once she got back to Chateau Croyance... the food, the games, maybe even an extra gift or two for her since her birthday was a few days ago, and... MUMBLING MATAGOTS! WHY WAS IT SO COLD IN HERE!

The temperature change jerked Tina out of her thoughts, and she looked around the room and soon found the explanation for the cold, an ice sculpture at the feont of the room that looked suspiciously like an elephant. Hmm... again with the elephants. Tina was beginning to wonder if Professor Sissay had some kind of obsession with elephants. Speaking of the professor, Tina greeted her with a "good morning" and a polite nod as she passed on the way to her usual seat at the back of the room. Now she was ready for class ro begin... she guessed.

Another Ravenclaw, albeit one who seemed less eager. Tina often worried her during classes, and she tried to encourage the girl to participate more. "Good morning Tina," Ayana nevertheless greeted her with a wide smile, and watched as she walked to the very back. Perhaps when they returned from the holidays she'd request for her to sit closer to the front.

Text Cut: Harron Peasley aka hugging Józef
Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post
Here goes nothing.

Or, rather, here goes Józef.

When he entered the classroom, he was ready. The third year was definitely not one to shy away from a dare, even - and maybe especially - if everyone was going to see it. Even if this dare wasn't exactly funny, really.

"Morning, Professor," he said rather quickly, before moving forward and hugging the Professor. The briefest of hugs. The most uncomfortable of hugs. WHY WAS HE HUGGING A PROFESSOR?!?!?!

Letting go in what was hopefully a short enough amount of time that Professor Sissay would not have realised what had happened, Jó darted straight for the row of seats at the back. Once seated, he sunk as low as possible into his chair.

Please don't make him miss Quidditch.

Out of all the scenarios that were playing out in her mind at all times, this next one definitely did not seem at all likely to occur. Young Józef, a Gryffindor and an interesting lad, walked all the way to the front of the classroom, greeted her then... hugged her. Bemused, Ayana's eyes sought the other students' gazes before returning to Józef, who had already managed to run away. "... Good.. morning, Józef," by Hypatia, that had been unexpected. "Is everything alright this morning, dear?" Ayana wasn't overly fond of hugs, so she hoped it was simply an odd morning, and not the beginning of a routine.

Text Cut: siriusblackliveson
Originally Posted by siriusblackliveson View Post
Christmas break was fast approaching and he wanted nothing more than to be at home hanging out with his older brothers and his parents. There were going to be cookies, food, and wayyyy more time to sleep. He needed to catch up on some sleep he'd been so busy studying as of late that he hadn't had time to get a good nights rest.

With as much of a smile on his face as he could muster he strolled into the Arithmancy classroom. "Hello Professor Sissay" He noticed that there was some sort of waterfall, some cucumbers and tomatoes.... what in the dickens were the going to be doing today? Sure he tolerated arithmancy only because he felt like one day he would need it.

Finding a seat away from the front, but not too far in the back. He hated when he had to bob and weave to see the professor or the board. Hashtag not a fan. Grabbing his notebook and moving his sweater a bit closer he waited for the lesson to begin because he wanted to get going to some food. He was hungry and that was absolutely no good.

"Good morning Patrick," Ayana recovered from the shock named Józef Kowalski and his hug, and smiled at the prefect. He too did not seem to take in the indoor clouds yet. Perhaps she'd request them all to look up once she began the class. Or, better yet, she'd see how many noticed of their own volition, for her personal amusement.

Text Cut: TakemetotheBurrow
Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
Well, it wasn't every day that you saw a professor greeted with a hug. Vita wasn't against hugging or anything, but she was fairly certain a simple hello or good morning would do. Perhaps that Józef kid had a crush on their professor. The thought made her smile a little as she passed the older woman. "Morning Professor."

It was cold in here, did she know?

Being cold made Vita sleepy and being sleepy did not go well with trying to wrap her head around...whatever it was that they were going to be learning today. All she could do was take her seat, hug her arms, and hope that the subject matter was stimulating enough to take her mind off of the temperature.

...Also the trickling of the waterfall kind of made her want to use the loo.

So there was that.

Still not entirely over the hugging incident, Ayana caught sharp Vita's look and smiled at her with some amusement. "Good morning Vita," she nodded at the bright Slytherin, and watched her find her seat.

Text Cut: hermionesclone
Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post


Lucas? Was? Confused??

Was Józef HUGGING Professor Sissay? Was he seeing this correctly? Sissay was great, sure, but this was Jó, after all. Wasn't he supposed to be too cool to be hugging professors? Was he feeling okay? Or maybe this was a new Józef who liked doing things like that.

Józef didn't hug him like that.

Thoughts about how cold the classroom was didn't even register in his brain, not when he had so many other questions because of whatever it is that had just happened. Instead, he shot the Professor a wide smile and said, "Hey, Professor. I like the waterfall." Pause. "And the elephant is pretty cool, too." It was probably not a good idea to name it.

And then? And then he was moving right past his usual seat to sit down next to Józef. You know, for moral support. Not that Lucas could do anything if anyone said anything mean but, well, the thought was there, right?

"Good morning Lucas, thank you very much," Ayana chuckled at the young Gryffindor's words, and glanced back around at the ice sculpture in the shape of her patronus. "How is your little elephant doing?" she remembered how excited he had been, all those months ago, with her little charmed creation.

Text Cut: sweetpinkpixie
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Whatever opinion Eiji had had of the subject had shifted favorably. Had the professor noticed him around the grounds every Sunday performing the spell and checking his potions ingredients for harvest? Because the Slytherin most certainly had been performing it in spades - not that he was doing so for any sort of validation. And it was showing in his brews.

And now, with this new information from Nina on certain extra curriculars of his classmates...there was a renewed purpose to this method. The brew was almost ready...another week and it would be perfect and then he could move on to phase two...

Greeting the professor with a polite nod of the head and nothing more, Eiji moved toward a set and got himself situated.

Ayana, blissfully unaware of any brewing being done by Eiji, smiled warmly at one of her top students as he walked into the classroom. "Good morning, Eiji." He seemed to be in.. good spirits? Mediocre? She could rarely tell.

Text Cut: Talikins
Originally Posted by Talikins View Post
Verona had always felt there was something magical about numbers. It was difficult to pinpoint one exact aspect that she most liked about them. Perhaps it was how she found it incredible that small calculations could solve massive problems or perhaps it was just the mental challenge that she enjoyed. Regardless, she always looked forward to working with numbers and that was revealed in her illustrious smile as she entered the Arithmancy classroom.

Odd....very odd.

The brunette's expression slowly morphed into one of perplexion. Her eyebrow raised and her illustrious smile became that of strongly pursed lips.

Had she walked into a Transfiguration or Care of Magical Creatures class or something? Why in the name of Merlin did the classroom resemble an exotic location consisting of a waterfall, cloudy skies and an...elephant sculpture?

Very strange, indeed.

Hesitantly, the Ravenclaw nodded at the Professor in greeting and then took her seating trying to place the logic of the classroom together.

Ah! Her next student seemed to notice the clouds! By Hypatia, that had certainly taken a while. "Hello Verona," Ayana greeted the young woman as she walked in, and noted with some amusement the perplexed expression. They'd all have their answers soon enough.

Text Cut: Lislchen
Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy was it so cold in here?????????

Anahera stopped right inside the doorframe, shivering. It was cold enough OUTSIDE, why did Professor Sissay have to make it cold INSIDE too? Couldn't she have postponed this type of lesson to, well, not winter? Was she allowed to go back and get her scarf and beanie? Also maybe woolen gloves?

Going by a couple of impatient students behind her, trying to get past, the answer was probably no. With a sigh, Anahera walked into the classroom, hugging herself and gave the professor a polite nod in greeting despite it all. "Hello, Professor." Would they be practicing heat spells? Or, err, heat....numbers? Was that a thing?

After a quick glance around, she moved to sit down next to Patrick, scooting her chair a little closer to him instinctively because W A R M T H.

Had Anahera voiced her thoughts, Ayana might have considered shifting the lesson plan towards 'heat numbers'. Climate altering arithmaturgy is a fascinating subject, but quite intricate in a school setting. "Good morning Anahera," Ayana greeted the young woman with a smile and a nod, and watched as she took her seat. They really were all very cold, considering that it's December and they're in the northern parts of Britain. Were they not used to it by now?

Text Cut: Bazinga
Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Numbers were not her thing, but she knew she had to go. She was trying to learn as much as she could, with Owls next year, she had to be more on top of subjects she was bad at, like this one. So Chloe headed into class and looked around.

The minute she walked into the class she was ready to walk back out. Not because of the class itself but the cooler temperature hitting her and the sound of water that only made her need to do one thing. She needed the loo but it was too late for now. Hopefully she could hold it through class.

"Hello professor" nodding as she headed for a seat. Why was it cold in here?

"Good morning Chloe," Ayana greeted the latest arrival with a warm smile, noting that she too was very cold. Perhaps the ice sculpture had been much, but an elephant shaped structure was much more fun than some blocks of charmed ice. In her humble opinion, at least.

At exactly 9am, Ayana waved her wand and the classroom door shut. "Hello class, and welcome to our final lesson before the winter break!" she beamed around at their now very familiar faces. She was already quite fond of them, and a few in particular stood out as very proficient young Arithmancers. She couldn't be prouder, or more excited about introducing the topic of today's lesson. "Today we'll be moving away from analysing our seven digit numbers and understanding the deeper meanings of combinations," she began, and she was sure this would make several students very happy. While she found the analysis fascinating, she knew it could often get very dreary for teenagers, especially in the mornings, or directly after lunch.

"If you haven't spotted it already," Ayana looked around her class and caught some of their gazes, "today we will be discussing water. What are some properties of water that you know of? Magical and not, what is it used for, why is it so essential to life?" Starting off small, just to grab the magnitude of this wonderful, magical, important substance that exists in the world.

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