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Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy was it so cold in here?????????

Anahera stopped right inside the doorframe, shivering. It was cold enough OUTSIDE, why did Professor Sissay have to make it cold INSIDE too? Couldn't she have postponed this type of lesson to, well, not winter? Was she allowed to go back and get her scarf and beanie? Also maybe woolen gloves?

Going by a couple of impatient students behind her, trying to get past, the answer was probably no. With a sigh, Anahera walked into the classroom, hugging herself and gave the professor a polite nod in greeting despite it all. "Hello, Professor." Would they be practicing heat spells? Or, err, heat....numbers? Was that a thing?

After a quick glance around, she moved to sit down next to Patrick, scooting her chair a little closer to him instinctively because W A R M T H.

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