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Verona had always felt there was something magical about numbers. It was difficult to pinpoint one exact aspect that she most liked about them. Perhaps it was how she found it incredible that small calculations could solve massive problems or perhaps it was just the mental challenge that she enjoyed. Regardless, she always looked forward to working with numbers and that was revealed in her illustrious smile as she entered the Arithmancy classroom.

Odd....very odd.

The brunette's expression slowly morphed into one of perplexion. Her eyebrow raised and her illustrious smile became that of strongly pursed lips.

Had she walked into a Transfiguration or Care of Magical Creatures class or something? Why in the name of Merlin did the classroom resemble an exotic location consisting of a waterfall, cloudy skies and an...elephant sculpture?

Very strange, indeed.

Hesitantly, the Ravenclaw nodded at the Professor in greeting and then took her seating trying to place the logic of the classroom together.

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