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Christmas break was fast approaching and he wanted nothing more than to be at home hanging out with his older brothers and his parents. There were going to be cookies, food, and wayyyy more time to sleep. He needed to catch up on some sleep he'd been so busy studying as of late that he hadn't had time to get a good nights rest.

With as much of a smile on his face as he could muster he strolled into the Arithmancy classroom. "Hello Professor Sissay" He noticed that there was some sort of waterfall, some cucumbers and tomatoes.... what in the dickens were the going to be doing today? Sure he tolerated arithmancy only because he felt like one day he would need it.

Finding a seat away from the front, but not too far in the back. He hated when he had to bob and weave to see the professor or the board. Hashtag not a fan. Grabbing his notebook and moving his sweater a bit closer he waited for the lesson to begin because he wanted to get going to some food. He was hungry and that was absolutely no good.
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