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Up until this year, Tina enjoyed arithmancy, but now it was by far her least favorite subject. It was nothing against Professor Sissay. She just... hated being wrong. It made her look and feel stupid in front of everyone, and it seemed to happen more often in this class than the others combined. The only reason she was here ar all was because she wasn't allowed to drop the class in the middle of the term. Whatever. It was what it was.

Tina tried to concentrate on happier things as she made her way to the classroom. She could do this. Only a few more days, and she'd be back home in France for the holidays. She smiled, imagining the fun that awaited once she got back to Chateau Croyance... the food, the games, maybe even an extra gift or two for her since her birthday was a few days ago, and... MUMBLING MATAGOTS! WHY WAS IT SO COLD IN HERE!

The temperature change jerked Tina out of her thoughts, and she looked around the room and soon found the explanation for the cold, an ice sculpture at the feont of the room that looked suspiciously like an elephant. Hmm... again with the elephants. Tina was beginning to wonder if Professor Sissay had some kind of obsession with elephants. Speaking of the professor, Tina greeted her with a "good morning" and a polite nod as she passed on the way to her usual seat at the back of the room. Now she was ready for class ro begin... she guessed.
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