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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Analiese W. Anderson (formerly Allanach-Senchuri)
Third Year

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Giovanni F. Montanari
Magical Creatures

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Katrina S. Rothenberg

Analiese Allanach-Senchuri couldn't wait until the Christmas holidays arrived. I mean, who wouldn't be excited to go to Calais? Yes, she was going to France over the Christmas holidays. That called for a reminder of basic French. She was planning on visiting the library afterwards to remind herself of the French she knew. Using her own books, of course. The library didn't have French books. Or did it? Suddenly, Analiese remembered the American shopkeeper called Gemma Pell in Paris she met during her trip to France. Ah, the struggle Gemma had to go through just to introduce herself to Analiese's mother when they were trying to buy sweets from her shop. Je m'appelle Gemma Pell. Analiese and her mother still joked about it.

The 12-year-old wrapped her cloak tighter around herself as she walked into the classroom. She noticed it didn't have its usual heating charms. "Good morning, Professor Sissay." She greeted the woman with a warm smile. She walked to her usual desk at the front and set her book bag down beside it. The young Ravenclaw sat down and immediately noticed the ice sculpture. A rather poorly designed sculpture in her opinion. And was that... slices of cucumber and tomato?
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