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A Drewett during the cold weather was always the quiet type. Like, a quieter type. He didn't like doing much when it was cold, but he didn't want to skip another day of class again. Feeling cold wasn't a valid excuse, but he had made sure to put a heating charm on himself. One does grow proficient in those charms here at Hogwarts. It was cold here most days of the year, but some days were certainly just colder than the rest. Today was one of those days.

The classroom lacked its usual heating charms, but Drewett didn't notice due to having one on himself. "Good morning, Professor Sissay," the Ravenclaw greeted the woman with a little smile. He moved comfortably through the classroom and occupying his usual seat on the second row, not bothered by the cold like everyone else seemed to be so he was a bit confused at the sight of others pulling their robes close to themselves and the presence of the professor's purple shawl too. Hmm. He was clearly missing something here.

He did notice the elephant thing on the platter. Or something that looked like an elephant. Drewett wasn't too sure. What did that have to do with the tomatoes and cucumbers though? It vaguely reminded him of...face masks. Just the cucumbers, at least, because he didn't think tomatoes were supposed to be on anybody's eyes. He could also stop overthinking and overanalyzing now.
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