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Nina Castillo could not wait until they went home for the holidays. Not because of Christmas, but because she needed to refill her prescription of contact lenses. Which, by the way, she still did not have on hand!!!! All of this to meant that she had been squinting and dealing with massive headaches for the past two weeks, as she was far too stubborn to wear her glasses throughout the castle. No one would see her with glasses on. she would rather die. She was managing to make it work, albeit with mild discomfort.

As the Slytherin made her way into the Arithmancy classroom (it was one of her favorite lessons), she quickly hurried inside and paused only for a moment to acknowledge her Professor (one of her favorites) with a moment of eye contact. Once she drew her gaze away, she quickly hurried to the middle of the room to find a seat for herself. Again, choosing a seat was of great importance. Immediately she had spotted Eloise, even without 20/20 vision the fourth year could recognize the demon from any distance. With that in mind, she selected a seat as far away from her dormmate as possible, while still avoiding a seat in the front and those in the back.

She was very particular.
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