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There were plenty of distractions caused by thoughts about the holiday break happening in Stasya’s head. Wondering how many of her aunts and uncles she’d see, if she’d be allowed to invite Koen over. If Chase was going to be at any of their holiday celebrations, including Demyan’s birthday. Adding that to everything that was usually going through the tall blonde prefect’s mind on any given day, it all led up to her nearly not having noticed the change in temperature upon entering the Arithmancy classroom. Until she’d glanced up to see the swirling clouds overhead, then her green eyes took in the professor and the other additions to the room.

“Good morning, Professor Sissay,” she said brightly, pulling her robes around her closer as she finally realized it probably would have been nice if she’d bolstered her personal heating charms on herself before she’d come to the lesson. She’d just have to hope things would get warmer before long, like an activity or something. The ice sculpture wasn’t too promising on that front, but she could hope. Until then, she made her way toward a seat to wait for the lesson to begin.
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