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quill Arithmancy 2: Introduction to Elemental Arithmancy

Just before they all leave for the winter break, as the wind howls outside the castle windows and snow piles heavily on the school ground, it is time for yet another Arithmancy lesson. As the students step into the classroom, they might immediately sense that the temperature is considerably lower in here than it is in the corridor, likely due to the presence of swirling clouds just above their heads and obscuring the ceiling almost entirely.

The pleasant sound of trickling water might soothe the uncomfortable feeling of dampness, the source of it being the mini waterfall at the front of the classroom. Additionally, Professor Sissay has placed a bowl and a platter on her table for display. Forming a shape reminiscent of an elephant, a slowly melting ice structure is standing comfortably on the platter, while the bowl is filled to the brim with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

Ayana wrapped her royal purple shawl around her closely, not at all liking the chillier classroom. Any heat charms would ruin the careful balance she had created in here however, so a shawl and her heavy cloak would have to do. Calmly checking that her charms are all in place, she waited for her students to begin arriving.


OOC: Class has started!

Lesson progression:
- Part 1: Water! What is it good for?
- Part 2: Water! What's in the numbers?
- Part 3: Water! What are the numbers?
- Part 4: Water! Demons!!