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All she had to hear was him saying 'It's not important'. They could always talk about what they wanted to be another time. As for right now... well right now all her focus was on her getting to her feet and remaining there without falling over. Easier said than done.

Rylee barely nodded, needing no prompting for this either. There was no choice but to lean against the wall when everything beneath you swayed a little and your entire body was sore.

Having closed her eyes while she waited on him, Rylee had no clue what he was doing until he returned and was talking to her once again. Even as she opened her eyes and watched him drench a towel in water and than freeze it, it took a second for her to realize he was giving her something that was ice like she told him to.

"Thanks," she muttered managing the tiniest of smiles. Taking the frozen towel she placed it to her head for short moments of time since it was so cold. "I- maybe? A trip to the healer.. might be good.."

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