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It was the last day before the holidays, and Tina was in an unusually good mood. This was practically the only place in this cray school where she felt in her element. She loved art; it helped her channel the negative emotions she tried to keep inside. Today, she sat at a table, putting the finishing touches on some gifts she'd made for her friends back home. She didn't have enough money to buy Christmas presents for all the staff and other residents of Chateau Croyance, so every year, she made everyone presents instead.

There was one gift that she was particularly proud of. It was a divination pendulum designed to look like a purple butterfly... the same purple butterfly she always wore on her person in some fashion (today it was a bracelet). She picked up the wire-wrapped amethyst nugget and examined it closely, wondering what she could add to it to make it look more like a butterfly. Hmm... maybe looking through the art supplies would give her some inspiration.
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