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Rylee didn't at all mind watching Dorian practice. The only issue with it was she had no idea what it was he was working on, being he was casting the spells nonverbally. When a large cut suddenly appeared on the dummy her friend was working on she could only guess that he was trying to prefect Diffindo maybe? That was a spell that would cause something to be cut like that.

From where she was standing it also made it a little tough to see what spell he was working. All Rylee knew was, he was moving his wand with the intent to cast something. From the looks of it though, whatever he was attempting hadn't worked.

Rylee opened her mouth to tell Dorian to try again, she wanted to cheer him on and see him succeed! The words never left her mouth, as she was hit square in the chest with the blue light that came at her without any warning sending her flying backwards into the wall behind her. Not only had she hit the wall with a fairly decent amount of force, she had slid down it to land on her bottom on the floor.

Was she okay, yeah. Had that hurt? Most definitely. Sitting on the floor where she had landed was where she planned on staying for now. Give her a few minutes and perhaps she would mention that she was okay. Only was she? Her chest hurt something awful as did the back of her head where it had connect with the wall.

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