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Originally Posted by Harron Peasley View Post

I need to organise myself like this.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this app tbh, it's truly magical. It's become a sort of digital bullet journal for me - I use it for my shopping list and reading list and travel list. You can type it in markdown too, which is pretty awesome.

Originally Posted by DeanThomassSpectacle View Post
I want to read everything, so my "to read pile" just consists of every book ever written.
I aspire to this level omg, bless you!

Originally Posted by natekka View Post
Ugh. I adore. I already have a spreadsheet tracking my books, so I definitely don't need to make a catalogue like that, but oh, booooooooy, do I want to!
Do it.

Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Book-monogamous. I love it.
Thank you, it's a real struggle for me, y'know? Also also also Ernieeeee, if I post in the "If You Like This, then..." thread will you gimme book recs for the summer reading challenge? i always LOVE the ones you recommend me

Originally Posted by Lislchen View Post
It's the B E S T.

Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
This app looks so handy. I downloaded it as well thanks
You're welcome! It's such a good app tbh, you can sync between all your devices link pages and have pages within pages, it's SO MAGICAL.

Originally Posted by natekka View Post
I got an email today about the Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge and I'm curious to know if any of you will taking paaaaart. Here is the link to the pdf with the details.

For those that are curious, I'll leave the challenges below.

SPOILER!!: challenge prompts
'For Beginnings':
  • Good as gold: Read a book that won a Goodreads Choice Award
  • The book is better: Read a book being adapted for TV or film this year
  • Short & sweet: Read a book with less than 100 pages (or a book you can finish in one sitting)
  • On the bandwagon: Read one of the "most read" book right now on Goodreads
  • Actually want to read: Read a book that's been on your Want to Read shelf for more than a year
  • Not from around here: Read a book set in a different culture from your own
  • In the friend zone: Read a book that a friend has recommended
  • It takes two: Read a co-authored book
  • Wheel of format: Read a book in a format that you donít normally read in (a graphic novel, poetry, a play, an audiobook, etc.)
  • New voices: Read a debut novel
  • Past love: Reread a book you loved when you were younger
  • Armchair traveller: Read a book set in a destination you want to visit
'Expert-Level Additions':
  • Stay awhile: Read a book with more than 500 pages
  • Stranger than fiction: Read a non-fiction book published this year
  • Tongue-tied: Read a translated book
  • No place like home: Read a book that appears in your Goodreads newsfeed
  • Continental drift: Read a book set on every continent
  • Genre explorer: Read a book from a genre you've never read before
  • Reading roulette: Read the third book you see on your Want to Read shelf
  • Primary reading: Read a book with a number or colour in the title
  • Back to school: Read a book about a subject you don't know much about
I'M ON IT I'M READING. Lookie I made a list.

Originally Posted by still natalie
I'm definitely guilty of this, too! I'm always initially drawn to books with pretty covers and then I read the synopsis. I'm trying to get out of this habit.
If it makes you feel any better, it's some people's literal job to make you fall in love with book covers and judge the book by them.

Originally Posted by Jessiqua View Post
I'm reading The Golem and the Djinni by Helene Wecker, I'm not even half way through and it's beautiful. It's about a Golem that was brought to life by a disgraced Rabbi in 1899, on their way from Poland to America. He dies during the voyage, and she arrives knowing nothing on arriving to New York. Another Rabbi finds her, realises what she is, and brings her home to protect her. And the Djinni was trapped in a copper flask by a Wizard a few centuries ago in the Syrian Desert, he finds himself being released from it in New York by a tinsmith. The two go about discovering how they might fit into the world, and eventually meet. AND I'M READING IT BECAUSE the library had a copy a few weeks after I reserved it and it was a recommendation of a friend of a friend.

My physical TBR pile is about 6 books long at the moment. I do a thing where I put LOTS Of books on hold at the library and they all come at the same time lol. My Goodreads TBR shelf is about 450. And growing!

Ooo that's a cool app! I like to just use the Goodreads 'want to read' shelf, but it gets so big and I don't organise it very well

That certainly is extra that's a great way of doing it. I had previously made a shelf on Goodreads for the books, and ebooks I owned that I hadn't read, so I knew what I actually HAD. I did the same with Kindle books, so I forget which ones I have

That sounds like a good read.

YUS I did! I remember it being a fun read

Oh, I absolutely judge a book by its cover. I don't only judge it by that, but if it's a magnificent cover I'm more likely to be drawn to it. I'll read the blurb and go from there, but I love me a pretty cover.

I LOVE THOSE THINGS Perhaps I will do this although for me it will be WINTER Reading Challenge
Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Me me me! I have!

I've read this one. I sometimes wish I kept better track of how I stumble across books and add them to my TBR list because it's so mishmashed and eclectic. Like I don't know where this one came from but it was SO interesting and well researched.

I'm super tempted by that book list. I'm trying to read the alphabet right now, but one device is as good as another. Are YOU going to do it?

Just finished The Library Book, and I'm moving on to Crooked Kingdom. Has anyone read Six of Crows?
Originally Posted by natekka View Post
I'll reply to you guys properly tomorrow, but for now I'll leave this: BOOK CLUB AVATARS

Made by sweet Kita, aka hermionesclone. Aren't they gorgeous?!
Make sure you credit her if you use any of them!
those are so pretty imma wear them now ;;

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