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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Dezi Willard
Fifth Year

Ministry RPG Name:
Letícia Alcântara da Silva Veiga
Accidents & Catastrophes
Mrs. Alex Turner *asterisks user* Secret Door

Hello, hello, my dear!

What would you like? A full set, please!

Sizes? Your personal standard works fine with me.

What images would you like me to use? This and/or this. If these don't work the FC name is Valdemar Brito or you can just poke me and I'll look for more.

Text? "Dezi Willard" for the sig and the PP, nothing on the avatar.

Aesthetic? Honestly, I like how your graphics are very clean so just do what you do. If it helps his colour post is #CA1105 but you don't have to include the colour.

Anything else?: Just have fun! Thank you!
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