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Originally Posted by Goblinfrog View Post
Alice turned towards the head house elf. "Hello, Algamus. I normally hate repeating myself more than is necessary, but in short, this was my request: In light of last term's disastrous happenings, I believe I would sleep better if I had assurances that we are not in for a repeat performance this term. You house elves go everywhere and you see perhaps more things than even we professors see in a day, due to us having to prepare lessons and give classes. From now on, I am requesting that the house elf in charge of refilling the fruit bowl in my office talks to me whenever she or he is bringing the bowl. I want to hear if anything seems even a little bit OFF around this place. Even if it does not seem menacing. Just in case. Can one of you do this for me?"

Why was this such a controversial request? Surely anyone who stopped and thought about it for more than a few secondds would realize that documenting things at Hogwarts could only yield good results.

Acting as if they were not living in one of the most historically dangerous buildings in the world was insane.
Algamus listened carefully to the professor's request and his brow furrowed.

"Is madam professor wanting elfsies to tell madam professor that madam professor is asking elfsies to sneak? Algamus is thinking this askings is being 'off'. Algamus is also remembering madam professors sneakings before Master headmaster Trent came." He added almost pointedly (for an elf). She was a sneaky professor, and sneaky was not good or safe.

MAYBE SHE has takes his broom! He misses it terribly! If Algamus has understandings of a calendar, Algamus would know how long his broom was being gone, but Algamus only knows it was gone some time before the Christmas times of the last year, and is still gone now before the Christmas times of this one.

He peered at her suspiciously and waved the mop at her as if that would provide some sort of answer to his sudden suspicion.
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