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Originally Posted by Goblinfrog View Post
Alice's eyes shone with approval (though just for a second) when Anna declined her offer to carry the students books for her. Perhaps that wasn't too surprising since she was in Quidditch, after all. Still, Alice liked that she didn't just agree to have her stuff carried just because it would be the easier. Surely that was the type of attitude that had won her the prefect position.

Well, enough mental ruminating. Time to get the task before them completed.

"We're going up to the rooftops," she answered matter of factly as they walked through the corridor and headed towards the stairs. Did it look like she packing to leave Hogwarts? Hmm...maybe it did look like that from the outside. That wasn't what this was. "I have a task of moderate importance that I've been meaning to accomplish and today seems a good day to attempt it."

A short while went by in silence. Very soon she would take the bag back from Anna when they were about halfway there. That time wasn't upon them yet. "How do you like your prefect duties?" she asked after several minutes went by in silence. "Are your fellow students more uptight in your presence than they used to be?" Her tone was just curious.
Anna had always found this professor's way of doing things a bit funny. Her amusement was probably shown in her face, but not in a disrespectful way - or so she hoped. She was indeed very amused, though.

There, she was doing it again. Anna chuckled when professor O'Hara spoke as if Anna herself didn't have anything else to do. To be honest, Anna DID have things to do, quite a lot of them. But they were all homework and she was always happy to put them off for as long as possible, sooooooo 'helping' a professor do whatever surely was a good enough excuse. It sounded great in her head. 'Sorry, professor Sandhu, I couldn't do the drawings and derive the value of gravitational acceleration because I was helping professor O'Hara up on the roof. I did look up at the sky a few times, though.' Teeheehee!

"Brilliant, should I get my broom?" Anna asked, sending professor O'Hara her amused look. It was a joke, but she would definitely not say no if the woman conceded. Going up to the rooftops without her broom sounded a bit like a wasted opportunity! Maybe she could attempt to do it later without professor O'Hara as well. That'd be cool.

All these thoughts were playing around in her mind as they walked in silence, and her amused expression remained on her face, because it was all so great, lol. She was wasting time avoiding homework AND she was going to have a look at a relatively easy way of getting up on the roof - WITH a professor, which meant she wouldn't get in trouble. Ha.

But then professor O'Hara broke the silence with a question that made her amusement vanish. The sixth year pulled a half-annoyed, half-bored face and shrugged. "Eh. It's whatever." Wait, she was talking to a professor, for crying out loud. "I mean, it's okay. I don't really... mind. Not really. Still I'd rather be the Quidditch Captain, but..." She trailed off with another shrug. There, no lies and something the entire school probably knew: Anna Meriwether would rather be the Captain. Of course she would. Quidditch was her thing! Not walking around the corridors telling kids off and 'setting a good example'. Blah blah.

At the woman's next question she had to think a little. "Um... I don't think so. I mean, not my friends, at least. I guess some of the first years think I'm always ready to tell them off, but I don't really do that." ..........Maybe another thing she shouldn't have told a professor.

Oh well. It was the truth.
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