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Originally Posted by littledhampir View Post
"Of course," Indigo said softly. He knew that if he really did need something, he'd always be able to count on Vita for anything. He'd always felt that she understood him in ways that others didn't always.

"Maybe I am but that doesn't mean I'm wrong." He smiled a little. Sure, she was right that he was a bit biased, but that didn't necessarily cloud his judgement about the truth of the matter. He saw things, and he hadn't seen anyone not respecting Vita. And if he did... he'd fight them. "I don't think how long you've been here has anything to do with it. Clearly someone thought you were the best person for the job and I, for one, support their judgement." He gave her a little shoulder bump and a smile, and then groaned when she mentioned Arithmancy. "I was hoping you'd be able to help me with Arithmancy. I just can't wrap my head around that stuff."
She couldn't help but smile and bump his shoulder back gently in response. "You're kind of excellent at this whole friend thing, did you know?" She was forever impressed by his ability to talk her down, not an easy feat. Speaking of feats that were not easy..."Sorry to disappoint. Maybe we can just try and sort through it together, then? I know I won't need it in the future or anything, but I at least want to pass. I have to."
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