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With a letter in hand, Hanna went to the owlery to send it. She didn't bring an owl with her, because she wanted her cat. And the Hogwarts owls were sufficient. Heading up, up, she didn't really expect to find anyone here. Or perhaps she would. All she needed was an owl, and she would be headed back to the warmth of the common room.

But there wasn't just other people in here - there were SO many birds. "Merlin," Hanna muttered as she walked into the area. What were all these birds doing here? They weren't usually here. Certainly not. She sent letters home at least once a week and had never, or at least very rarely, seen any hint of anything besides an owl. What were all of these birds doing? Spotting the Headmaster and Professor Sissay, Hanna asked "Are we training these birds to deliver letters too?"
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