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Originally Posted by gritandgrace View Post
She seemed like a very busy woman, he didn't want to waste her time and got straight to the point. "Well, I'd love a form for a room and to order some food. I'd like to sta for about two weeks if there's a room available?"

Giving a brief look over the menu he knew what he wanted. "Can I get a butterbeer and a turkey sandwich?" It sounded like just the ticket for him. the butterbeer would wash it all down nicely and would be great after the traveling he's been doing.
Lucy reached down and took a form off the top of the pile. "Of course. This is our room form for you to fill out. I do have a room available for a two weeks. It would be 160 Galleons for the stay." She hoped the cost wouldn't be an issue. Not that she was overpriced, but it was a good deal of money to spend.

Text Cut: Leaky Cauldron Guest Room Form
Full Name:
Guests (names and ages of all others staying with you):
Date of Birth:
Address (town, country or just country):
Length of Stay (how many nights):
Pets (number and type(s) of pets staying with - 4 galleons per pet):
Balcony (yay or nay - costs more per night):

* Sunday - Thursday = 15 galleons per night; Friday - Saturday = 17 galleons per night.
* 1 week stay = 80 galleons for up to 2 people (85 galleons for rooms with a balcony)
** 2 week stay = 160 galleons for up to 2 people (165 galleons for rooms with a balcony)
*** Other deals include dinner service and evening wine service. See Lucy for special pricing.
**** Prices include breakfast: unlimited toast with jam, two strips of bacon or sausage, and whatever fruit is in season with yogurt

"One butterbeer and a turkey sandwich, coming right up. I'll tell you what, if you go ahead and book the room, the drink and sandwich are on the house." It was a small gesture, but she enjoyed being able to treat her overnight guests when possible.
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