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Originally Posted by gritandgrace View Post
Lucien was surprised by the nice weather outside at this time of year, normally it was starting to get chilly in this part of the country. Or maybe he had been outside the country for so long that he had simply forgotten, or over-exaggerated, how bad the fall weather could be. Either way, it was a pleasant surprise. As was the delicious smell of food that seemed to waft through the air of the Leaky Cauldron. Ahhhh. Such fond memories. He thought to himself as a smile crept on to his face.

It had been a while since his Hogwarts days where he would come through the Leaky to get to Diagon Alley and meet up with friends before the school year to get their supplies. Fond memories indeed.

Making his way to the counter he smiled at the woman behind it. "Hello, I'm Lucien Wright. How are you on this lovely day?"
Lucy didn't need to wonder long about the newest customer. He was heading right for her. Her hands gently brushed against her apron, more out of habit than wiping them off. "I'm very well, Mr. Wright. Thank you for asking. I hope the same can be said for you." She reached over to grab her order pad. "What may I help you with today?" Her mind quickly raced between taking an order for food and setting him up for a stay in the rooms. Since the one spot at the counter took care of the entire establishment, she never knew which it would be.
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