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Simran looked on in glee as the pendulums swung, some of their own free will, others pushed by students like Archer. It was a sight for sore eyes, a small bastion of proof that if the chaos of the universe was always increasing, that there was very little point stopping it entirely. After all, who were they to question the Great Big Universe? Or Multiverse, depending on whose theory they were going with.

However, all good things had to come to an end, and after the first ten students had deposited all three beanbags, the pillows came of their own accort to a magical stop. With a flick of Simran's wand, they retracted back into the ceiling and would remain there until she returned in the morning to transfigure them back into whatever they were before.

"Thank you all for partipating in our first seminar lesson," she said, once everyone seemed to notice that the activity was come to an end. "Your homework is on my desk."

"Please take the questions corresponding to your year -- for first to third years, you will be plotting the points on graph paper from the data you tabulated and drawing the line of best fit. Fourth and fifth years will do the same, along with drawing the line of worst fit and determining the uncertainty in the measurement. NEWT-students will do all the above, as well as derive the value of gravitational acceleration. Everything you need -- formulae and such -- are already in the question booklet. For a worked solution, you may check the Astronomy Noticeboard on Friday."

"If you have questions, I will be here for a few more minutes, but if it isn't pressing, please see me during my office hours."

"If someone would help Master Dakest up, it would be lovely."
Was that it? She supposed so. "And you're dismissed. Goodnight, dears."

OOC: That was it! Our first lesson! Thank you all for coming and I hope you had fun! You may post leaving if you like, but I'll close the thread in approximately eight to ten hours.
Why should you worry about the math teacher holding graph paper?

She’s definitely plotting something.
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