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Originally Posted by nicole black View Post
Max-one-million was reeling. He was fresh out of the potions classroom and his head was spinning with ideas, dreams and a lot of ingredients that he'd never touch in a million years if it weren't for his affection for Potions- and, to an extent, the potions master. Noble was really cool, and really smart and dependable. He was just what a hufflepuff ought to be, and he made Maxie feel... properly like a hufflepuff.

Maybe, just maybe the second-year was getting a hang of all this Hogwarts stuff, and school stuff and that guy was definitely dead-

wait. Maxie stopped mid-stride. Dead?


He backtracked, moving like a cartoon in reverse. Bug-eyed, and worried, all comforting thoughts (or logic, apparently) had gone out the window. He stared blankly at the older boy- one he knew well from the Quidditch pitch, and wiggled. What did he do? wHAT DID HE DO?

His first instinct was to run and get an adult but would there be time for that? Gunnar looked quite pale and clammy as it was. Maxie inched closer, all the while slowly drawing his wand. He'd levitate the older boy inside- that was for the best- and then he'd call out for help- Yeah. YEah, that was the right thing.

"Windgardium Laviosa." Maxie said, pointing his wand at Gunnar before adding the necessary swish and flick. Thankfully, he was quite good at this kind of magic.
The resting of his eyes turned into more of a quick cat nap as his achy muscles began to relax and his mind began to drift away. As the water dripped off his forehead, Gunnar began to dream of slipping below the black lake and swimming with a group of grindylows. But soon enough, he was no longer swimming. In fact, he was flying.

Without wings or a broom, he was flying through the air, the wind whipping through his hair. But it was, in fact, the wind on his face that woke him up. And to his confusion and eventual horror, he saw that he actually was, somehow, in the air.

"What... what's going on?" he looked around frantically, scrambling for something to hold on to. He wasn't that far off the ground, but it was a very disorienting feeling to wake up to. And he soon saw the younger boy with his wand pointed at him; clearly this was his doing.
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