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Default The Book Nook

Welcome to the Book Nook!

Think of this thread as a sort of… feedback area, but cosier.

What can be discussed in this thread?
  • Talk about your reading progress and goals, and encourage others in theirs!
  • Books that you are currently reading/hoping to read this year.
  • Discuss any reading challenges you're participating in.
  • You can let someone know that you loved their book review or recommendation.
  • You can pitch ideas for discussions to see whether others are interested.
Things to note:
  • Although there are many things members can discuss in this thread, it is NOT strictly a chat thread. If you want to chat, you can do that in the Forbidden Forest or privately via VM or PM.
  • Alternatively, you could always start a discussion if you have enough to say on a particular book related topic, and want to have an in-depth conversation about it.
  • No spoilers or sensitive topics should be discussed here.
  • Posts that are off-topic or contain spoilers or sensitive content will be deleted.

Any issues or queries should be sent to Harron Peasley or natekka via PM.
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