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Magic may have been a curse for the history of magic professor when the need arose to practice it, but it was certainly a blessing on the odd occasion here and there - such as when imbued on objects permanently that even an almost-Squib could use reliably. Such was the case with this magically enchanted bag which could carry large quantities of objects but not break. It was heavy as a large backpack, but it would have been heavier than a watermelons if the magic wasn't suppressing the bag's true weight.

Alice left her office gripping the handle of the still-heavy-but-not-too-heavy bag in her hands. One thing she was not too fond of about this bag was that it was not a backpack, and therefore forced her to bend ever so slightly in order to carry it. That was not something the usually straight backed professor was used to. It was perhaps fortunate then that she caught sight of a certain prefect walking by. On the up side, it forced her to straighten her back even more than she usually would just to maintain normalcy.

"Prefect Meriwether!" She walked up to the Gryffindor. "Are you feeling ill?" Being the observant person that she was (remember, she'd been Julian's top spy during his tyrannical reign at Hogwarts just a few years ago), she couldn't help but notice Anna's rather moody behavior these past few months. What exactly was upsetting her favorite student was something she'd been meaning to find out.

"Carry my bag for me. It'll make you feel better." She said this as a command, as that was her usual way of talking to students - even to ones she liked. And she handed her bag to Anna. "You may hand me your books if you like. It's just a short walk and it'll be good for your posture."

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