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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
"I know you will." She trusted that he would, anyway. Her own experiences with these feelings allowing her to sound confident about it in the moment. "Just let me know if there's anything I can do to help, okay?"

"Thanks Indigo, but you're biased." He knew that, right? She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "Guess I just feel like I haven't been in the school as long as some of the other snakes and I'm not sure if that makes a difference, you know?" It might. "Feel like helping me with Arithmancy sometime? I could use the guidance." She couldn't seem to keep at that particular subject for too long or her brain started to hurt something awful.
"Of course," Indigo said softly. He knew that if he really did need something, he'd always be able to count on Vita for anything. He'd always felt that she understood him in ways that others didn't always.

"Maybe I am but that doesn't mean I'm wrong." He smiled a little. Sure, she was right that he was a bit biased, but that didn't necessarily cloud his judgement about the truth of the matter. He saw things, and he hadn't seen anyone not respecting Vita. And if he did... he'd fight them. "I don't think how long you've been here has anything to do with it. Clearly someone thought you were the best person for the job and I, for one, support their judgement." He gave her a little shoulder bump and a smile, and then groaned when she mentioned Arithmancy. "I was hoping you'd be able to help me with Arithmancy. I just can't wrap my head around that stuff."

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