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Patrick had hated walking down the hill to the greenhouses. He had just about gotten to get rid of the boot, but was two days away still. He was seriously hating the hobbling down on the uneven ground. He just wanted to be back to his normal self. He had brought some plastic to keep the dirt off of it and his boot on the other.

He had greeted Professor Sutton on his way in just as he would any other day.... even if his mood was a tiny bit sour because of the boot. He decided he would do as she said and grab a pair of the gloves. He supposed it was obviously there for a reason.

Raising his hand he knew of one evergreen that wasn't a christmas tree. "The Eastern Hemlock, or Canadian Hemlock was used to tan leather in the olden days back home." He knew enough about that tree since it was a part of Kentucky history before he started at Hogwarts.
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