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So they didn't need their dragon-hide gloves?

Lucas glanced down at the pair he'd strapped on, turning his hands over while a small frown formed on his face. This only made him even more confused about what they were doing. But, maybe, if they could use the regular gloves, that meant that they weren't doing anything dangerous, right?

With that thought in mind, the third year quickly shuffled forwards, grabbed a pair of the regular gloves, and then shuffled back to where he was standing before. While Sutton was talking, he took off his own gloves and swapped them for the regular ones. They were..... a little bigger than he would like but that didn't matter. Magic could solve this, right?

But first: there was a question. A question about evergreen trees that only raised even more questions in the young boy's mind. He tried to push those thoughts away and focus on answering the question for now. What did he know about evergreen trees? Well, apart from the fact that they lasted all year long, not very much. So, he'd have to start with that.

"Uh, see, they survive in the winter, right?" he started, his hand up in the air, "So I'm guessing that they can survive on very little nutrients? I think you can find them in areas where the soil isn't very fertile or is..... well, not great. Or, where they can't get nutrients easily. But I guess they survive on that."
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